US BROOKLYN Class Light Cruisers

Large enough to be heavy cruisers, these ships were very heavily armed with fifteen 6 inch guns in five triple gun turrets. Built under the terms of the Washington Treaty, and in response to the Japanese Mogami class in the mid 1930s, the seven Brooklyn and two modified St Louis class had an excellent rate of fire and battle worthiness.

These hard fought ships bore the brunt of many of the early war battles, especially in the night battles in and around the Solomon Islands. Helena was the only one of the class sunk during WW2, she was lost during a fierce night action in The Battle of Kula Gulf in 1943. The rest of the class served well both in Europe and the Pacific until decommissioned or sold to South American countries post war. St Louis and Philadelphia was sold to Brazil, Brooklyn and Nashville to Chile, and Boise and Phoenix to Argentina.

This 1:72 scale hull comes with ship's plating, armoured belts, shaft exits, and anchor positions moulded in.

2,570mm long and 264mm wide.

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