British DIDO Class Light Cruisers

The Dido class were a class of sixteen (including the Bellona sub-class) light cruisers built for the Royal navy, and commissioned between 1940 and 1944. Designed to protect the Fleet against light surface forces and aircraft, these ships were excellent sea boats well loved by their crews.

These ships were some of the most beautiful cruisers ever built, and saw excellent service in WW2, especially in the Mediterranean. But the threat of the Luftwaffe had been way under estimated, and so these ships were hampered by a gross lack of medium and short range anti-aircraft guns until 1942-43, restricting their effectiveness causing some bitterness among crewman. Five of this class were sunk during the war, most by U-boat torpedoes. The rest of the class served post war until the 1960s in the Royal Navy, Pakistani Navy and the Royal New Zealand Navies until finally being sent to the scrappers yard.

This 1:72 scale hull comes with Anchor positions, Armoured belt, hull plating, shaft exits and "A" bracket positions.

2,167mm long and 218mm wide.

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