Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do these hulls come with plans?

A. No, these are extra due to the fact that most modellers research for and buy there own plans. Many of the plans I have are subject to copyright, so I cannot copy them and sell them. But please email me, and I can tell you if I can copy my set of plans for a particular hull, or I can supply you with a link to plans that may suit your needs.


Q. Do these hulls come with fittings?

A. Generally speaking No, at this time I manufacture fibreglass hulls only. A few of my hulls can be supplied with rudder/s. When you order a hull, I will let know if there are rudders available for your hull.


Q. Do I produce running sets for my hulls?

A. No, Your best to go to my links page and go to G T Sitek Scale Brass Propellors. George Sitek makes very high quality running sets, and he does custom orders too. 


Q. Do I have plans to produce fittings in the future?

A. Yes, I plan to produce rudders, gun turrets, funnels and some of the more complicated items in the future for all the hulls in my range. Hulls will dominate my schedule though for at least the next 2 years as this is a much greater need.


Q. How are my hulls made?

A. I spray my gelcoat into the moulds, and I hand lay up the fibreglass. I generally give my hulls 7 days to cure adequately in the mould before I de-mould the hull.


Q. Do I build fully complete Models?

A. Yes, for myself as a hobby, but Not for customer sales. For complete models, please go to my links page and go to Defence Models and Graphics who build quality finished products.