US FLETCHER Class Destroyers

The 175 Fletcher class destroyers, were the largest class of destroyers ever ordered and constructed, and also the most successful destroyer class of WW2. Compared to the 1930's built Destroyer classes, these ships were larger, faster, they had a better main armament, a much greater AA armament, ASW armament, and their flush deck made them structurally stronger.

If there were any draw backs to this class it was that they were cramped for their crew and had a very large turning circle due partly to only having a single rudder. These ships saw action in every theatre of operations in WW2 and performed outstanding service in some of the most trying conditions of the war. 19 of these ships were lost in action, 6 were damaged so badly they were scrapped, while the rest served into the post war era in the US Navy and many were sold to at least 14 other navies. The last Fletcher was decommissioned in Mexico in 2001, after serving for some 6 decades. 4 fletchers are museum ships today, all the rest have been scrapped.

This 1:72 scale hull comes with ships plating, shaft exit positions, 'A' bracket positions, rudder position, and anchor positions moulded in.

1,595mm long and 167mm wide.

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