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Russian KARA Class Missile Cruisers

These ships were designed in the mid 1960s as enlarged versions of the Kresta 2 class ships with gas turbines instead of steam turbines. The Kara class were also built with greatly improved flagship facilities, a much enhanced ASW outfit and Anti-aircraft armament. Seven of these ships were completed, four have now been scrapped and only one remains in commission today, this is the Kerch.
This 1:72 scale hull comes with anchor positions, shaft exits, "A" bracket positions and rudder positions moulded in.
2,406mm long and 258mm wide.

(Available end 2016)

Price for hull: A$ 605.00 + freight *

(your order is deemed to be acceptance of the terms of order and payment shown here).

* Freight to be calculated and will be advised on receipt of your order and delivery details. See here for more information.

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