Australian 32 Metre Right Angle Drive Tug

There are eight of these Australian built harbour fire fighting tug boats, these were built in Launceston and Carrington.

Two, Ril and Arun are based and operated in Malta, The Pacific Salvor (ex- Taminga) is based in Port Moresby and operates around the south and east coasts of Papua New Guinea. Tarpan operates out of Whyalla, While Tusker is home ported in Port Adelaide. Woona and Wonga are home ported in Sydney Harbour. Information on the eight boat of this type is unavailable at this time.

This 1:72 scale hull comes with anchor positions, as well as the 2 Z-pellar positions moulded in. This hull will come with a set of plans.

445mm long and 147mm wide.

Price for hull: A$120 + freight *

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