US WICHITA Class Heavy Cruiser

USS Wichita or "Witch" as she was known, was unique in that she was to be a Brooklyn class cruiser, but was completed with three 8 inch triple gun turrets like the New Orleans class being built at the same time.

She was the last and most successful Washington Treaty built Heavy cruiser to enter service in the U.S. Navy. Such was her good design, that she became the basis for the following war built Baltimore class cruisers.
Wichita served in the Atlantic until 1943 as convoy escort and in the North African invasions, then transferring to the Pacific Theatre to fight in the Philippines, and off Okinawa until the Japanese surrender. Deemed surplus, she was placed in reserve in 1946 and was scrapped in 1959..

This 1:72 scale hull comes with ship's plating, armoured belts, shaft exits, and anchor positions moulded in.

2,570mm long and 264mm wide.

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