Japanese KONGO class Battleships

The Four Kongo class Battle Cruisers were the last ships designed for Japan in Britain just before the First World War, and the lead ship was the last Battleship built in Britain for Japan. The last three of the class were built in Japan once Japanese heavy industry was built up enough to build these big ships.

All 4 were reconstructed and modernised in the 1920's and 30's, and reclassified as fast battleships. Reconstruction included the lengthening of the stern, new high pressure boilers and conversion to oil fuel from coal fuel, speed increased to 30 knots and a large pagoda type bridge was built, and many other changes. The Kongo class were the most active Japanese battleships of WW2, participating in the Pearl Harbour attack, the invasion of Singapore, the battles of Midway, Guadalcanal, and Leyte Gulf, but none survived the war. Hiei was sunk at Guadalcanal in 1942, from Cruiser guns and Aerial bombs, Kirishima was sunk by the battleship USS Washington just 2 Nights after Hiei. Kongo was torpedoed, blown up and sunk after the Battle of Leyte Gulf by the submarine USS Sealion in late 1944, Haruna however managed to survive until 1945 at Kure, where she was sunk at her moorings by U.S. aircraft just 2 weeks before the surrender of Japan.

This 1:72 scale hull comes with ships plating, shaft exit positions, 'A' bracket positions, rudder positions, bulges, armoured belts and anchor positions moulded in.

3,080 mm long and 460mm wide.

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