51 Oliver Hazard Perry class Frigates were built for the USN, 6 for the RAN, 8 For Taiwan and 6 for Spain, and these were built from 1975 through to 2004.

These ships were designed to replace Knox class Frigates and WW2 era Destroyers and were designed to protect Amphibious landing forces, Carrier groups, supply and replenishment groups and for protecting merchant convoys from Submarines. Most of these ships in USN service have been decommissioned, being replaced by Arleigh Burke class Destroyers, and all remaining ships will be decommissioned by the end of 2015. Australia only has 4 of the 6 ships left in active service, Taiwan and Spain still have all their ships in active service. Please note that the first 8 US built ships were of the short hull type, and later lengthened to become the long hull ships. All following ships were built as long hull ships. I have built this hull as the long hull version.

This 1:72 scale hull comes with shaft exit position, 'A' bracket position, rudder position, and anchor positions moulded in.

1,916mm long and 194mm wide.

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