U.S. NORTH CAROLINA Class Battleships

North Carolina and Washington were the first U.S. Battleships built in 15 years after the Washington treaty of 1922. They incorporated many new innovations like a compact superstructure surrounded by a dual purpose secondary armament of quick firing 5-inch guns.

An armoured tower like a castle keep, surmounts the ship for long distance gunfire control, all or nothing armour, elegant lines, high speed and the latest radar. North Carolina became the most decorated U.S. battleship of WW2, engaging in almost every battle of the Pacific war. Washington gained the distinction of being the only U.S. battleship to sink an enemy Battleship, in a battle against the Japanese Kirishima. Washington finished up being scrapped in 1962, while North Carolina was saved from the scrappers torch and became a museum moored in Cape fear river, Wilmington NC.

This 1:72 scale hull with Anchor positions, Stern sponsons, Outboard shaft exits and ship's side plating moulded in.

3,100mm long and 457mm wide.

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