British Battleship HMS VANGUARD - Availability Delayed until further Notice

HMS Vanguard was a fast battleship built for the British Royal Navy during WW2, she was the fastest, largest and last Battleship built for the Royal Navy, and also the last battleship launched in the world. Begun as one of the 6 ship Lion class, Vanguard's construction was delayed many times during WW2, to make changes from wartime experience and constantly shifting shipyard priorities.

The other five ships were cancelled and to speed up completion, the Vanguard was given 4 twin 15 inch gun turrets out of storage and a similar secondary armament as the KG5 class. When Vanguard appeared in 1946, she was and is still, considered one of the most beautiful battleships ever built, a fitting end to British battleship construction. But she was born into a new era of carrier airpower, guided missiles and atomic weapons, and she never actually got to fire her guns in anger. She served for fourteen years as the flagship on and off, of the home fleet, she carried out goodwill cruises and trained officers and men alike. Sadly during the post war years as Britain struggled to recover financially from the war, Vanguard was finally decommissioned and sent to the scrappers yard in 1960.

This 1:72 scale hull comes with ships plating, armoured belts, shaft exit positions, 'A' bracket positions, rudder position and anchor positions moulded in.

3,447mm long and 457mm wide.

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