British COLOSSUS/MAJESTIC Class Light Fleet Aircraft Carriers

colossusDesigned in 1942, the 16 of these ships were designed as smaller carriers that could be built rapidly. Only ten were completed before the end of WW2, these were the Colossus class, eight in the designed role, the following two were completed as aircraft maintenance ships, none saw front line service in WW2.

Five of the last six were modified to be able to handle the bigger and faster aircraft of the 1950s and were redesignated as Majestic class carriers. The last ship was scrapped incomplete. Eight navies operated the Colossus/Majestic class ships, some served in the Korean war and Suez Crisis, the Australian ships Sydney and Melbourne served in the Vietnam war. One the INS Vikrant, served in the Indo-Pakistani war, one also served in the Falklands war. All of them have been scapped.

This 1:72 scale hull comes in two versions, HMS Colossus as built in late 1944, the Colossus version covers the first ten ships, which includes HMAS Sydney. The second hull version is for HMAS Melbourne as decommissioned in 1982. These two hulls come with all sponsons, ship's plating, anchor positions, hangar openings and shaft exits. 

2,944mm long and 528mm wide.

Price for hull: A$ 1,375.00 + freight *

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